Shortcode – Modal Popups

Modal Popups and Windows


Credence contains advanced Modal Popups which you can add to your content.  These can be made to load with the page or triggered by a button.  The Modal Popups or windows included in Credence have many options available.

Small or Large

Have your modals open in small or large windows.

Style Your Buttons and Modals

With Credence, you can style the modal buttons with any color font, background and border color.  You can also set border size and radius.  You can also change the modal background, font, and border color.  Choose if you want to enable and disable the footer.

Include just about anything

Add responsive videos and other shortcodes to your modals.  The possibilities are endless.


  • Use Large and Small sized modals
  • Change button borders, text and colors
  • Change Modal background colors
  • Available in the shortcode generator and Visual Composer
  • Enable or Disable the footer
  • Change Modal text colors
  • Change Modal border colors
  • Add other shortcodes and elements to the modal